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The Davido-CHaD in Practice
A clinical and projective personality test
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The Davido-CHaD in Practice
A clinical and projective personality test

by Roseline DAVIDO

Foreword by Giselle A. HASS

Translated from the French by Natalia Holstein Charron

ISBN : 978-2-84924-438-8

5.5 x 8" (14 x 21 cm)

204 pages


The Davido-CHaD is a new clinical and therapeutic projective personality test referenced by the American Psychological Association (APA). Its first edition, The Childhood Hand that Disturbs, CHaD Test, was published by Praeger in the United States.
The Davido-CHaD is a drawing test requiring just paper and colored pencils, appropriate for subjects aged 3 to 100 and up; it can be administered individually or collectively worldwide, without needing to modify the instructions regardless of what country it’s given in. This “culture free” test allows the detection of root causes, often unknown to the subject, of psychological disorders simulating mental or organic illnesses. Based on empathy and the rigor of its instructions, this test is “ego-centric,” using only the productions and comments of the subject, without needing any external input. This work brings together theory and practice through the author’s own case studies as well as analysis of cases pulled from psychologists working in France, Romania, Indonesia, and the Americas.
The Davido-CHaD opens the path for the subject to express himself intimately and renews projective techniques in that the tested subject allows the psychologist to penetrate his intimate world through his own codes. No longer does the psychologist who “knows” and refers to standards of a test that are already codified; rather, the psychologist discovers the particular universe of each person tested.
In this work, Roseline Davido offers the reader a look at the salient cases that no other technique had been able to unravel in quite such a subtle manner. We will penetrate the unique and human universe of detecting suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse, sexual predators, mistreatment, terrorism, and even a pedophile serial killer…