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by Jonathan MULCAHY-KING

ISBN : 978-2-84924-505-7

5 x 8" (13 x 20 cm)

50 pages

10,00 €

Euryphion is a post-language work of micro-poetry driven by the acute sense of helplessness/void we feel when faced with unperceivable conflict, and the realisation that we are inextricably and advantageously tied to that conflict. Its title concerns the subjects of a pelasgian creation myth, Eurynome, the goddess of all things, Ophion, a serpent who purportedly seduces her, and the egg that is laid, which grows to be the earth. Euryphion, imagined here, as the child of mythologised rape, is an exemplification of what the author sees as the western societal phenomenon of thriving in a world in spite of, and perhaps as a result of, irreproachable, dilemmatic conflict.