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In the Middle of the Ford    
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In the Middle of the Ford

by Giuliano LADOLFI

Translation: Flavia COSMA

ISBN : 978-2-84924-557-6

5 x 8" (13 x 20 cm)

66 pages

$12.00 / 10 €

This collection of poems attempts to decipher the transitional labor of the transition from modernity to the current historical period.
The first part is dedicated to the end of the peasant society: the narrating self feels the difficulties of leaving the ancestral world. The city, in which the interlocutor lives, is already immersed in the next phase with its new set of values: political struggles, travel, career, technology.
In the second part, the narrating self has left the countryside and wants to explore the city. The dialogue with his interlocutor becomes closer and in it enters a third person, a son of twenty, who lives fully in the reality of post-modern society, the globalized society. There is no possibility of an agreement with his father: they seem to live in different periods of evolution.
For young people, the "emporiocentric" society represents normality with all its contradictions and with the malaise produced by consumerism, understood not as craving for the superfluous, but as an ideology, in which the "market" is placed at the center of the system of human relations, be it personal, political, public, social, national and international relations.