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Indonesian Terrorists in Psychoanalytical Perspectives    
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Indonesian Terrorists in Psychoanalytical Perspectives

by Sarlito Wirawan SARWONO

Foreword by Roseline DAVIDO

Translated from Bahasa Indonesia by Ringking KORAH

ISBN : 978-2-84924-426-5

5.5 x 8" (14 x 21 cm)

98 pages


These researches focus on environmental psychology and terrorism psychology. It is in the ICP Congress at Mexico that the author met Dr. Roseline Davido, a French psychologist, creator of the assessment projective test, the CHaD Test, which was published in United States, who is also the President of the International Davido-CHaD. Thereafter, they decided to develop a joint research on terrorism.
The objective of the research was to improve national security through minimizing the level of Islamic radicalism among inmates in prisons and detention houses as well as those who have been released. The research subjects, who were ex-terrorists of Jamaah Islamiah (JI), used to refuse any projective tests given to them, particularly written tests. However, the CHaD test was the only assessment technique that was not refused and was managed to be administered to the ex-terrorists. This book provides a description of the joint research between Professor Sarlito and Dr. Davido.