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Sexual Abuse and Pedophilia
The Davido-CHaD as Indication of Behavior
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Sexual Abuse and Pedophilia
The Davido-CHaD as Indication of Behavior

by Roseline DAVIDO

Foreword by Roger MARION

Translated from the French by Natalia Holstein Charron

ISBN : 978-2-84924-523-1

5.5 x 8" (14 x 21 cm)

110 pages


This book presents the study of two populations using the Davido-CHaD, a projective personality test. The first includes subjects who have been mistreated or sexually abused, and the second consists of subjects who are pedophiles. Sexual abuse and pedophilia speak through the CHaD drawings “about the same thing” though “without saying so,” indeed without ever needing to say so – an important feature for victims who are overwhelmed with shame and for the pedophiles who feel not a single ounce of guilt. The Davido-CHaD uncovers pathognomonic signs that can provide diagnostic, etiologic, prognostic leads in the course of specialized psychological examinations.
When the damage is done, we as a society must stop shutting our eyes to reality, satisfied to confuse cause and consequence. An abused child becomes a child who is monitored from one school to another, from psych centers to psych wards, and will carry his trauma with him for his whole life. We must try to act sooner. This means detecting predators, presumed pedophiles, and abusive or incestuous parents, before they can destroy their victim’s physical and psychological well-being for life.
The Davido-CHaD appears to be the technique that is best adapted to deliver this sort of early detection, not least because it can be taken collectively by nearly anyone: without restriction to a specific culture, and without the subject even needing to know how to read, write, or count.