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Transgressive women
Case Studies using the Davido-CHaD
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Transgressive women
Case Studies using the Davido-CHaD

by Roseline DAVIDO

Foreword by Mauricette GARDEZ

Translated from the French by Natalia Holstein Charron

ISBN : 978-2-84924-607-8

5.5 x 8" (14 x 21 cm)

100 pages


In the years since Roseline Davido PhD, created the CHaD Test, a projective personality test that interprets a prescribed series of drawings and can be used in any culture and on any age group, it has been used internationally to great success to detect and diagnose cases of child abuse, sexual abuse, and to create personality profiles of suspected and convicted terrorists and serial killers. Roseline Davido now turns her attention to a demographic that is little understood: women who have themselves committed acts of violence such as infanticide, pedophilia, or terrorism, and women who are married to convicted terrorists. Through case studies of their CHaD tests, this work will illuminate trends in the psychological profiles of violent women, uncover suppressed traumas that could be contributing causes of the women’s transgressive behaviors, and also establish diagnostics and predictive factors for women who risk making the transition from contemplating violence to acting on it. As in her prior works, She intends the proposed study to function both as a report of findings and trends, and also a field guide for clinical psychologists who wish to use and correctly interpret the CHaD themselves.